end of session choice reading

This is my paragraphs about what i think about the choice reading class and blogging.

I did not really enjoy blog posting because i don’t understand the point of sharing what you read unless someone asks you if you would recommend them read the book. I don’t think i will be blogging in the future because i don’t really like it. This class helped me enjoy reading more because i actually wanted to read when i got into this class and it helped me understand more about reading.

One book i plan to read this summer is the fault in our stars by john green because i really enjoyed the movie and i want to know what’s different from the movie in the book. I think choice reading should still be offered at finest because this class can really help students that reading books is not the worst thing ever and it can make them interested in writing there own book someday. I would not change anything about this class because you get plenty of time to read your book in class and you learn a lot about blogging about your book i think this class is perfect the way it is.

I really recommend you to read unwind it is a really interesting thriller book about in the Civil war times you can choose to unwind your children from the ages of 13-18 if they are trouble or you can’t take care of them the unwinds get cut up into pieces and the pieces go to people who need them like if you get your leg broken you will get a new leg from an unwind so read this book if you like thrillers.


What I have read in this class time is Connor and Risa are in a giant old warehouse and all they can do is do certain things that the fatigues bring them and eat when they bring them food there is only one bathroom that doesn’t lock and no showers so body odor lingers in the air. I have also read about when it is close to Christmas time and Risa sneaks away from supper to use the bathroom and Roland walks in and tries to rape her but Connor walks in and says go ahead because him and Risa broke up which made Roland not want her anymore because he only wanted to make Connor mad but connor was pretending to not care which made him stop.

blog post #2

the major conflict in my book is the unwounding of the kids, The themes in this book is hatred trust and fear. the questions i have for the author so far is how did you come up with this crazy theme/storyline. I am really enjoying this book so far because it is thrilling and you dont know whats going to happen to the kids next

unwind  my impressions of the book so far is pretty thrilling because everything that happens to the 3 teens and the baby

blog post #1

the name of my book is unwind the author is neal shusterman.

my favorite character is risa because she stands up for what she wants and does not let no one control her.

the setting is really bouncing back and fourth through the whole book from like 5 different settings.